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Founded in 1991, Refrigeration World is an established presence in the field of commercial and marine air conditioning focusing on installation, maintenance, and spare parts supply for marine vessels and commercial buildings. We focus our efforts on just one vital aspect of your service needs - air conditioning resources. Our affordable services include customized design, installation, and preventive maintenance for clients in a wide range of industries, including the marine sector, commercial real estate, hospitals, restaurants, office environments, and apartment complexes. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of commercial and marine air conditioning, we have earned a solid reputation for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We provide the comfort, quality, and reliability that your business deserves. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you in the near future.

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Cooling and Heating Systems

From unitary products to applied systems, we offer a comprehensive line of commercial HVAC systems and services for office buildings, retail locations, and schools/universities.

Refrigeration Solutions

From refrigerated display cases to bottle coolers and cold rooms, we offer an array of commercial refrigeration products and services.

Indoor Weather Systems

We supply and install reliable brand name indoor weather system products for the home, including: split-system air conditioners / heat pumps / air cleaners / ventilators / ducted systems.

These affordable products provide comfortable living year round by allowing you to select a temperature that suits you and your family.

Engineering Services

We provide heat load calculations, basis of design, supply, and installation of air conditioning systems for residential buildings.

Maintenance Activities

  1. Annual service and maintenance of commercial air conditioning systems, including: window AC units / split AC units / ducted and package units / air-cooled chiller systems / VRF systems / process cooling chillers
  2. Rewinding of motors of various kW
  3. Overhaul and commissioning of reciprocating compressors
  4. Cold store fabrication and installation
Services we typically provide include:
  1. Installation, maintenance, and repair for all kinds air conditioning technology for marine vessels, including: package units / chiller systems / walk-in freezers / refrigerators / split air conditioning systems.
  2. Design, fabrication, supply, repair, and maintenance of dry food containers and refrigerated food containers per EN, EU, and BS standards.
  3. Installation, maintenance, and repair services for marine yacht air conditioners and refrigerators.
  4. Refurbishment of reefer containers in accordance with international standards.
  5. Welding and fabrication of structural members, supports, pipes, mechanical parts, and navigational equipment.
  6. Ducting and piping installation in marine vessels.
  7. Cleaning of ducts in marine vessels to increase air quality and quantity.
Our services include:
  1. Supply and installation of HVAC units at offshore oil rigs and platforms.
  2. Supply and installation of blast proof ductable split AC units.
  3. Supply and installation of blast proof compressors, fan blower motors, and panel boards for split AC units.
  4. Attending to faults and performing periodic maintenance of AC units at offshore locations.
  5. Supply, replacement, and installation of AC compressors and accessories.
  6. Repair, service, and planned preventive maintenance of chillers, freezers, FAHU, AHU, and FCU of different TR.
Marine Electrical Services

Throughout the years we have successfully completed a large number of marine projects - both new installations and refurbishment projects.

Commercial Installations

Commercial and industrial installations are the backbone of the company’s day-to-day operations. Our commercial division covers a broad range of work, including factory and office installations, amenity lighting, etc.

Domestic Installation
  1. Electrical panel board design and installation services.
  2. Cabling work for all kinds of equipment and applications.
  3. Troubleshooting of all kinds of electrical equipment and appliances.
  1. We supply AC systems from a variety of manufacturers, including Carrier, Samsung, LG, SKM, and Riedel.
  2. We supply AC spares and ancillary materials, including:
    • Compressors (piston, screw, scroll, and rotary).
    • Condensing units and spares.
    • Motors, blower fans, condenser coils, and heat exchangers.
    • Air purifiers, door curtains, water heaters.
    • Oxygen and acetylene gas refilling.
    • Hydraulic hoses and accessories.
    • Various types of Freon gas (R 404A / R 407C / R 22 / R 410A / R 134A / R 123 / R 141).
  3. Electrical spares, including: cables / contactors / bus bars / circuit breakers, capacitors / relays.
  4. All types of valves, flanges, gaskets, fittings, and related accessories.
  5. Reefer containers of 10’, 20’, and 40’, as per client requirements.
  6. Monthly rental of reefer containers to onshore and offshore clients.
  7. Ducts and pipes as per client requirements.

Quality Policy

Policy Statement

Our goal is to enjoy continued success by providing service which meets the highest possible standard.
Refrigeration World has developed a Quality System to ensure that our service meets the highest possible standards at all times.

Our Quality Objectives are:

  1. To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of corporate management.
  2. To reduce nonconformities and reworks, and to minimize internal quality losses.
  3. To train relevant internal personnel to be aware of our Quality System and its requirements.

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